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The Republic of Cameroon is the new home to Gozem, a super application launched in November 2018 solely as a motorcycle hailing platform. The company now delivers several services like transportation, payments, and logistics. The expansion into Cameroon is second for central Africa, following expansion moves in Gabon and West Africa's Benin.

‌‌Gozem has chosen to share its services with a  broader audience as its latest milestone is hits an African powerhouse with a population of over 26 million Gozem hopes to diversify its revenue stream by striding beyond the shores of West Africa. Ranked 149 out of 180 countries by Transparency International, Cameroon has lagged in development and attraction for investors, with poverty rates at 25.3%. The entrance of a super app like Gozem changes the narrative. Hopefully, the first of many more business investments in the country.

‌‌Businesses face uncertainties in every new marketplace, and Gozem will be no exception. Competing with veteran businesses like MTN MoMo, and Orange Money, Gozem will have to invest heavily in its operations for a smooth transition.

‌‌‌‌Cameroon in focus:

Population: 26.55 million in 2020 as compared to 25.88 million in 2019

‌‌GDP: $39.8 billion compared to $39.01 billion in 2019

‌‌GDP per capita: $1,499 in 2020 compared to $1,507 in 2019