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WhatsApp gets new Meta AI feature

Meta AI's latest feature on WhatsApp will let users identify objects in an image or request explanations of what a photo means.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp is set to become more interactive with the integration of Meta AI, offering users new ways to engage with their photos.

The latest beta version for Android introduces a feature allowing users to send images to Meta AI for analysis and editing. Users can now share photos with Meta AI, which can answer questions about the images or edit them based on user prompts.

WhatsApp's Meta AI editing feature

The AI feature will allow users to edit shared photos directly within the chat interface, enabling quick adjustments and enhancements without leaving the app.

As Meta AI continues to innovate, integrating advanced chatbot capabilities and photo editing tools within WhatsApp for Android users marks a significant step forward. Stay tuned for updates, as these exciting features are expected to redefine how users interact with AI and their digital content within the messaging app.