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Instagram introduces "Close Friends on Live"

Instagram has launched a new feature called "Close Friends on Live" that enables users to broadcast live videos exclusively to their close friends

Instagram has recently introduced a new feature called "Close Friends on Live," which allows users to broadcast live exclusively to a curated list of close friends. This update was launched globally on June 20, 2024, and permits streaming with up to three other participants visible only to those on the Close Friends list.

Instagram's Close Friends on Live

The feature aims to retain users, especially younger demographics, by catering to their preference for controlled audience experiences, differentiating Instagram from competitors like TikTok, and boosting user engagement. It also empowers content creators with more control over their audience.

Market analysts suggest that promoting private interactions could increase user loyalty and time spent on the platform, thus enhancing its value to advertisers and driving further revenue growth. This feature could enhance Instagram's user engagement rates and advertising revenue of $51 billion in 2022.