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Anyone who can afford a mobile wallet licence can now launch a Fintech solution in Africa.

Velmie recently launched a market-ready, multi-asset trading technology platform that provides financial companies with the ability to set up or upgrade their cryptocurrency and digital trading business. The new offering adds to the fintech company’s already expansive and innovative range of technology solutions for companies operating in the banking, payments, and trade finance sectors.

“There is a unique opportunity for Africa to become a world leader in FinTech, getting the most out of emerging technologies while greatly contributing to financial inclusion and innovation.” - Paul Shumsky, Head of Product.

The core features of the multi-asset trading platform include:

– An enterprise-grade back end platform that is powered by a core banking system designed to support all aspects of digital asset trading effectively.
– An integrated mobile wallet that supports more than 150 currencies and digital assets.
– An integrated e-commerce payment gateway that provides platform users with the ability to use cryptocurrency to pay for real-world products and services seamlessly.
– Custody solution to provide institutional-grade security for cryptocurrency assets and keys.
– Multi-layered security features, including two-factor authorization, biometric authentication, cold storage, access management, and action logging.
– Reliable and dedicated support, including development teams, to make changes or add new capabilities to the platform.

The platform integrates with a variety of payment platforms, including:

  • Flutterwave
  • Currencycloud
  • Mpesa
  • African Payment Gateway
whitelabel mobile payments system 230551927 from Velmie

Velmie has more than a decade’s experience serving enterprises, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs across the globe. Among Velmie recent projects are: a nationwide payment system in North Africa, a clearance & custody solution for banks, cryptocurrency trading solutions, and crypto payment gateways for European and Asian providers.

The company has been at the leading edge of technology development, offering white-label mobile wallet solutions that support seamless payments and remittances, as well as a variety of other functionalities, including employee financial wellness capabilities.