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US: TassatPay launch Smart Contracts

Tasset's launch of Smart Contracts reaffirms the company's dedication to building an efficient, safe, and secured financial system

Fintech startup and Blockchain platform Tassatpay has announced launching intelligent contracts that would allow bank clients access customized payment logic within Tassatpay. This new feature will make contract and invoice processing more efficient and effective to reduce the chances of errors and fraud. The New York-based startup is focused on developing digital payment solutions since its establishment in 2017, providing a better experience for financial institutions.

‌‌Banks across Tassat have indicated an interest in Smart Contracts. This is no surprise, as security remains a significant issue in the digitized world. The ecosystem creates a platform for users from different locations who come in with other intentions. Tassatpay hopes to eliminate fraudulent activities, reduce the burden and time of processing surplus transactions. Tassat technology will boost users' trust through a System and Organization Control (SOC) type 2, a reporting framework that promotes cyber security. Generally, clients on the Tassat platform will be able to do more efficient, effective, and less time-consuming business.

‌‌‌‌In 2021, Tassat was awarded a Google Cloud Customer Award for innovative solutions in the financial system. Known to many as one of the most trusted private, certified blockchain platforms in the banking industry, the New York-based Fintech company aims to maintain a positive record in dealing with issues around the banking industry.

The United States of America in focus:

‌‌Population: 329.5 million in 2020 as compared to 328.3 million in 2019

‌‌GDP: $20.94 trillion compared to $21.43 trillion in 2019

‌‌GDP per capita: $63,543 in 2020 compared to $65,279 in 2019