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Kasheesh launch split payment for online customers

Kasheesh is taking up the responsibility of improving the payment experience of users in the e-commerce industry

As the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) industry continues to be more popular and win the hearts of customers there are still some who believe the payment industry could be better, barely two years old Kasheesh has taken up the responsibility of offering a more flexible version of the BNPL. Through its free web-based browser extension, Kasheesh allows users to spilt payment across multiple debit and credit cards.

Source: Google Chrome

Kasheesh is committed to providing consumers with relief from the financial burden of the e-commerce industry. The payment startup is offering users financing options, breaking the limitation of placing the payment source on just one particular card. This move will reduce the cost of individual cards in the process of purchasing goods, it will further improve the financial privacy of consumers. As the internet continues to face cyber security challenges, using multiple payment cards reduces the risk or chances of hacking. Consumers can now easily set up budgeting plans for every shopping activity as users can decide how much money would be used from each source.

As a thriving company, Kasheesh is eager to stamp its relevance in the Fintech ecosystem. Hopefully, for the company, it would be able to champion a new wave of superior payment structures. The company will thrive to ensure its product can stand out and be accepted by many in the e-commerce industry.

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