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Trust Stamp and OneBanks Partner to Increase Accessibility to Secure, Trusted Banking Services

T Stamp Inc. which trades as Trust Stamp, an AI-powered authentication company headquartered in both Atlanta (US) and Cheltenham (UK), has announced a partnership with OneBanks to increase accessibility to secure banking.

OneBanks is launching bank-agnostic kiosks to locations where physical branches are out of reach in a bid to achieve their common goal with Trust Stamp, which is to support banks and their customers by broadening access to secure, trusted financial services, and catalyzing financial inclusion across board.

Photo Credit: Global Fintech Series

Known for its strengths in regulatory compliance and fraud-prevention, Trust Stamp is now infusing its privacy-preserving facial biometric technology into OneBanks’s customer authentication systems to provide a secure, low-friction banking experience. OneBanks’s innovative platform assesses customer risk upfront using custom APIs by integrating with each bank’s own transactional risk tolerance systems.

By pooling financial innovations, Trust Stamp and OneBanks are bringing the future of banking closer to banks nd their customers by helping unseen victims of low-cash societies to access secure, trusted financial services.

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