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Paystack Commerce Journeys the Path of Flutterwave Store

In what appears to be a fintech fight, Paystack launches its own store.

Paystack Commerce is the fifth addition to paystack's family of solutions, joining tools for Collections, Disbursements, Identity Verification, and Reporting. It's a collection of free tools that includes seller pages, order and inventory management on web and mobile and more.

With Paystack's Product Link, you can:

  • Design an attractive product detail page with custom background colours, photos, videos, animated GIFs, and detailed product descriptions
  • Collect shipping fees for different delivery options, and easily collect delivery addresses and delivery notes
  • View and manage inventory and orders (eg. mark an order as delivered, change shipping details, etc)
  • Track orders with the recently-announced Paystack Merchant app

This comes on the heels of the Flutterwave launching Flutterwave Store and Facebook launching WhatsApp payment in Brazil.

At the moment, micro businesses have moved their activities to messaging platforms from Facebook messenger to Instagram to WhatsApp and its ubiquitous WhatsApp status.

Just like Flutterwave whose founding team constituted a former regulator(staff) of the Central Bank of Nigeria to help them navigate the regulatory maze in the financial sector; Facebook is currently recruiting an army of "public policy specialists" in Nigeria and this team would serve as its government relations team. This indicates that WhatsApp Payment is very much on its way to Africa and specifically Nigeria.

It is expected that WhatsApp will take a step further from payments and launch WhatsApp store which will compete with Flutterwave and most recently Paystack.