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Mastercard and Kasha wants to empower women and small business

Mastercard and Kasha Reinforce Commitment to Empower Women and Support Micro-Entrepreneurs in Africa

Mastercard has been in the spotlight when it comes to women's empowerment in recent times, and today, they have shown support for African women and small business by leveraging on their relationship with Kasha Global Incorporated through an investment in the purpose-driven eCommerce platform.

The companies will continue their joint efforts to ensure that women across emerging markets have access to health and personal care products and the information required to support everyday hygiene needs.

Kasha's platform online and offline capabilities enable women across rural and urban locations to make confidential personal care orders.

Women can search, order, and pay for hygiene products that are discreetly delivered to them by local micro-entrepreneurs, either utilizing the entire product catalogue available online or by placing orders using basic mobile handsets.

Thus also helping local store owners grow their business.

“Kasha’s goal is to ensure women in emerging markets get the products, information and services they need for their health, self-care and well-being. I am thrilled that we are continuing our collaboration with Mastercard and that we not only have a committed investor with shared values, but also an innovative partner as we continue to take Kasha’s development and growth to the next level.”Joanna Bichsel, Kasha’s Founder and CEO.
Joanna Bischel CEO and founder of Kasha|Source:How we made it in Africa

The relationship between the duo kicked off in 2019 when Kaisha joined Mastercard StartPath, and Mastercard's latest investment is the next step in their relationship. The digital payment giant has worked with Kasha to integrate digital payment acceptance across its e-commerce platform since Kasha became a part of the start-up engagement program-StartPath.

“Mastercard works with governments, businesses and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their ambitions and is committed to applying its resources to drive sustainable and inclusive growth. Through our activities with Kasha we are leveraging Mastercard’s innovations, expertise and partnerships to help drive the empowerment of women and small businesses. This partnership is a major step in our journey to support the fundamental needs of women and drive growth across African communities.” Raghav Prasad, Division President, Sub Saharan Africa, Mastercard.

Recently, the duo collaborated to deliver virus, hygiene and protection products to families across Kenya in efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Mastercard’s investment will assist Kasha grow its current platform offering, reaching more women, communities and small businesses than before.  

Kenya in focus

GDP: $95.503 billion in 2019 compared to Uganda's $35.165 billion

Population: 52,573,973 in 2019 compared to Uganda's 44,269, 594

GDP per Capita: $1,816 in 2019 compared to Uganda's $794.341