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Inclusive Fintech 50 is here again

Many startups will hope to be chosen for this year's event and participate in an innovation-based event

The Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) has announced the launch of the annual Inclusive Fintech 50. Inclusive Fintech 50 is an initiative that allows 50 selected Fintech firms to introduce innovative business models to investors. Fifty fintech companies will be selected by Inclusive Fintech from several applicants.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Themed "Making Digitization Count", this year's event will be focused on advancing a digital economy and driving financial inclusion to meet the underserved population. For many Fintechs, securing funding is usually very challenging, and inclusive Fintech 50 will look to address this challenge by creating a platform where these startups could attract possible investors.

Sponsored by Visa, and MetLife Inclusive Fintech 50 application period will  run from June 27 through July 25 2022. The competition will hope to live up to its reputation and showcase the importance of digitization in the financial industry. Participants will once again hope to be empowered by learning or selection and ultimately secure funding.

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