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Togolese Post office launches fintech mobile app

Togolese post office launches E-poste, an app that offers mobile banking, bill payment, university fee payment, and bus booking services

The Togolese Post office has launched its fintech mobile app. Called the E-poste app, the app offers mobile banking, bill payment, university fee payment, and bus booking services.

"E-poste offers diversified functionalities ranging from account to account transfers or cash withdrawal to the payment of water and electricity bills, as well as social contributions to the CNSS, taxes to the OTR, and university fees," said the post office which also delivers packages and mails.

"Post office fees and ‘Courrier’ transport tickets,” can also be paid via the app.

Armand Awata, director of financial clientele at the post office, added that the new app “should help get rid of long queues in post offices and reduce crowding amid the Covid-19 pandemic.”

E-poste’s launch - while being a significant milestone in the post office’s digital transformation - is not the State company’s first move in this direction. Indeed, it previously launched E-colis,  Assiyeyeme (an e-commerce website), and Postraker (an app that tracks package deliveries). These efforts, according to experts, should improve financial inclusion in Togo.

“E-poste is just one link in the chain of digitalized services already offered or to come from the Post," said Kwadzo Dzodzro Kwasi, CEO of the institution that "is working hard" to “not be excluded from the technological revolution.”

According to the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the future of the Post is in e-commerce and the digitalization of postal services.

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