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Storemia, a platform helping small businesses create ecommerce stores easily, launches

Storemia, a platform empowering small businesses, is launched.

In a LinkedIn post, the founder of Storemia, Bola Oluwagbesan, announced the launch of Storemia.

Storemia is a platform empowering small businesses. The platform helps anyone - small businesses and individual entrepreneurs or retailers - create their ecommere store with sophisticated tools, but without any stress. Anyone can start with Storemia in 5 minutes, and they do not need to be able to code or design.

Storemia. Image Source: Storemia

Small businesses can:

  • Create Catalogues: Small businesses can select multiple images to create catalogue within a minute and send it to their web shop or customers. They can add the price of each product or a price of a group of products, all from their mobile phone.
  • Use Custom Domain and Facebook Pixel: Storemia gives small businesses the power to run conversion adverts on Facebook. They can get your Facebook Pixel from their ad account and place it in the backend of their Storemia store. They can also change their Storemia domain from Storemia's custom subdomain to any domain of their choice.

To see more about Storemia, visit: