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Stitch and Absa partner to enhance payment solutions for merchants

Stitch has announced a new partnership with Absa Group to introduce the Absa Pay API to our merchants

Payments infrastructure company Stitch has partnered with Absa Group, one of South Africa's leading banks, to offer the newly launched Absa Pay to Stitch merchants.

This collaboration will enable Stitch to provide all available direct bank APIs, including Absa Pay, Capitec Pay, and Nedbank Direct API, as part of its comprehensive Pay by Bank solution.

Integrating Absa Pay into Stitch's platform will allow Absa customers to pay directly to any Stitch merchant that implements it directly from their accounts.

Also, Stitch's platform will enable businesses to access bank APIs like Absa Pay without needing direct bank integration, simplifying the process for existing and new clients.

Stitch President Junaid Dadan is enthusiastic about the partnership, highlighting its alignment with its mission to provide clients access to the latest payment methods and advancements. The collaboration is expected to bring more consumers into the digital economy and offer them more excellent payment options.