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Starlink goes live in Zambia

Starlink to bridge the digital gaps as it is set to provide millions of Zambians with high-speed internet service

SpaceX has launched its Starlink satellite internet service in Zambia, making it the sixth country in Africa to receive the high-speed service. The launch of Starlink in Zambia is part of a broader trend of SpaceX expanding its satellite internet service across Africa. Reacting to the launch, Zambia's president Hakainde Hichilema tweeted,

"Starlink is now live in Zambia, access to technology and information is no longer a luxury for our people. A great step as we work towards affordable digital access for all."
Source: Teslarati

The launch of Starlink in Zambia is a significant development for the country's internet infrastructure. According to the World Bank, only 44% of Zambians have access to the internet and those who do often face high costs and slow speeds. Starlink could also positively impact Zambia's economy as the service could attract new businesses and investment and create jobs in the telecommunications sector.

Source: Zambian Agribusiness

Residents can now order Starlink kits directly on the company's website. According to the Starlink website, the service will cost 10,744 Zambian kwacha ($505) for the hardware and 507 Zambian kwacha ($24) for the monthly subscription. In 2023, Starlink launched in Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Malawi. It is also scheduled to go live in Angola and Eswatini before the end of the year.