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Starlink goes live in Eswatini

Elon Musk's satellite internet service provider, Starlink has officially launched in Eswatini.

SpaceX has rolled out Starlink in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland), making it the eighth African country to get official access to the popular satellite Internet technology. Starlink is looking to provide high-speed internet service to regions across Eswatini where the traditional internet infrastructure is deficient or absent. The launch in Eswatini follows Starlink's entry into Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, and Benin in 2023.

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Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, has a population of slightly over 1 million. The country's internet access was limited in the past, with only 8.4% of the populace connected to the internet in 2019. This lack of connectivity has negatively impacted economic growth and hindered residents' access to vital information and services

The entrance of Starlink into Eswatini could change this narrative. Starlink provides high-speed internet via a network of satellites in low Earth orbit. Consequently, even remote areas can now access quick and reliable internet without the dependence on traditional infrastructure like fibre optic cables.

The launch in Eswatini also implies this would be the first time Starlink subscription plans will be available in the Rand currency. The residential service costs R950 per month, with a further R120 per month "regulatory fee". Regional roaming costs R1,250 per month, while global roaming costs R3,800 per month, both prices excluding the R120 regulatory fee.
A residential-grade dish kit is R12,000, and shipping and handling will cost a further once-off of R450.

For business users, the high-end hardware is R54,625 (with an additional shipping and handling charge of R1,000), and the priority connectivity pricing begins at R2,185 per month for 1TB of priority traffic.

The introduction of Starlink in Eswatini signals the continued advancement of technological penetration across Africa. With Starlink now available to Eswatini, the country can enjoy and explore the opportunities of fast internet speed and global connectivity.