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Revolut Australia launches pride card

Revolut Australia has launched pride cards in Australia in a show of support.

In a LinkedIn post made by Scott Jamieson, Chief Compliance Officer at Revolut Australia, it was announced that Revolut Australia has launched pride cards.

Jamieson wrote: "When I went to school, no-one identified as gay or transgender for fear of prejudice and bullying. I'm not proud of that. 30 years later and 75% of youth identifying as LGBTQIA still experience bullying and discrimination. I'm not proud of that. But I am proud to launch our Pride card in Australia - available today in the Revolut App."

Furthermore, Jamieson said Revolut is supporting Minus18 - "an amazing charity devoted to helping LGBTQIA youth through a community and network of support."

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Revolut Australia's customers can make donations directly from the app.

About Revolut.

Revolut is a super app for all things money - from users everyday spending, to planning their future with savings and investments. The app helps users get more from their money.

Australia in focus:

Population: 25.3 million (2019)

GDP: $1.397 trillion (2019)

GDP Per Capita: $55,060 (2019)