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PayPal and Venmo Launch Tap to Pay for U.S. Businesses

PayPal launches Tap to Pay to enable businesses across the U.S receive contactless payments

PayPal has announced that Tap to Pay on iPhone is now widely available for businesses that use the Venmo and PayPal Zettle apps in the U.S., allowing them to accept contactless payments directly on an iPhone, with no additional hardware required.

Launched in the U.S. in 2022, Tap to Pay on iPhone allows for iPhone-to-iPhone contactless payments, with no additional point-of-sale hardware from companies like Square or Clover required. The feature allows customers to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch, credit card, or other contactless payment option on the merchant's iPhone. Payment is securely completed using the same NFC technology behind Apple Pay.

This latest development is part of PayPal's ongoing efforts to help small businesses sell more, grow their business, and manage their finances more efficiently, especially as consumers increasingly go cashless.

The Tap to Pay on iPhone will also enable Venmo merchant users to dramatically expand their customer base and accept payments from buyers even if they don't have a Venmo account.

Speaking on the launch, PayPal's VP of Small Business & Financial Services, Nitin Prabhu, said, "As consumers increasingly turn to non-cash options to pay, small businesses are looking for affordable and flexible ways to offer their customers more payment choices without being tied down to a fixed location."

Small business owners can get set up in just a few simple steps and start accepting contactless cards and digital wallets through their Venmo business profile or PayPal Zettle.