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Paynetics UK Acquire Wirecard UK and Ireland Assets

Prominent UK payment service provider, Paynetics UK has announced its acquisition of some of the assets of Wirecard UK & Ireland.

This means that Paynetics will now work with corporate customers who were formally users of Wirecard for card issuing and payment services, to help them to transition quickly, seamlessly and safely into adopting Paynetics for the continuation of their existing card programmes.

Photo Credit: Retail Tech Innovation Hub

The acquisition will also see Paynetics provide its new customers with a strategic product roadmap for the future development of their card programmes, which had until now been in danger of termination. Paynetics UK will also facilitate several programmes ranging from employee benefits, sales incentives, corporate expenses and social welfare for these organisations.

The firm is already engaging its new customers to oversee their transition such as to tailor the transition processes to the specific requirements of each individual business.

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