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Paga launches Collect API

Paga introduces Collect API. This technology builds on Paga's infrastructure and allows app owners to request payments directly within their application

Paga has introduced a new product called Collect API. The Collect API allows app developers to initiate a payment request from their customers and automatically get notified when the payment request is fulfilled.

The new product is an upgrade of the Persistent Payment Account API. According to Tayo Oviosu - CEO and founder of Paga, the launch of this new technology (Collect API) is based on the feedback they got from the developer community.

"The beauty of the Collect API is that you can choose to have the payment instantly sent to a bank or mobile money account thus enabling true P2P without any customer giving out their bank login details" Tayo Oviosu - CEO and founder of Paga
CEO of Paga-Tayo Oviosu|Source:Techcabal

App owners can now request payments and provide their customer with many ways to pay. Payments can be made using different channels like bank transfers, mobile money transfers, card payments, USSD transfers, QR codes, and payment links to make the payment later.

The Collect API gives developers the power to choose how they will display payments options to their customers. With the Collect API, providing your own company or personal bank account to customers is no longer necessary.
Other exciting capabilities of the Collect API include instant notification upon payment and P2P transactions.

The Collect API, according to Oviosu, is built leveraging the deep payments infrastructure Paga already has in place. This includes Bank transfers, card payments, USSD payments, QR payments, Offline payments, and Paga's payments request platform.