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Hong Kong-based fintech startup Neat joins Visa network, rolls out Neat Visa cards

The Hong Kong Fintech startup has begun issuing its Visa-backed Neat Visa cards to users.

Neat, a fintech startup based in Hong Kong, announced this week that it became a member of the Visa network. The startup will issue for businesses incorporated in Hong Kong, its own Neat Visa card. Being part of Visa's network means Neat can issue its own payment products and offer a better and enhanced customer experience.

Neat wants to help small businesses and entrepreneurs by bringing a better business experience to them. Small businesses are frequently restricted by large monthly fees, really low spending limits that don't help, and poor visibility of their spending data. Entrepreneurs can find it difficult to obtain corporate cards, although they are a crucial business tool.

Customers, with the new Neat Visa card, will be able to exercise more control over their business finances. They will be able to have monthly spending limits, track the expenses, and get instant transaction notifications. They also get a cashback equal to 1% on all purchases.

The CEO of Neat, David Rosa, said of the membership that it shows a true testament to the hard work Neat's team have done, and the investments they have made scaling the company to offer a world-class customer experience. According to him, the Neat Visa card gives small and medium enterprises the power in exercising control and flexibility over their spending. Furthermore, he said Neat is proud to help entrepreneurs and SMEs grow their businesses across borders.

The General Manager of Visa Hong Kong and Macau, Maaike Steineback, commented on the importance of SMEs having access to commercial cards and products which should not be limited to a handful of big corporations. According to him, Visa is excited to be part is Neat's journey to bring better customer experience to entrepreneurs and SMEs in Hong Kong; better customer experience that includes these entrepreneurs and SMEs optimizing their cash flow, and tapping into Visa's global network and other exclusive business services.

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