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Mozilla accuses Apple, Google, and Microsoft of uneven competition

Mozilla has accused dominant browsers of pushing users away from its independent browser Firefox

Founded in 1998, Mozilla's software community, popularly known for developing exclusively free software, including the Firefox web browser, has accused other major browsers in the industry of influencing user's browsers preference, consequently disadvantaging Mozilla's Firefox browser.

In a blog post, Mozilla said: "The right way to win users is to build a better product, but shortcuts can be irresistible – and there's a long history of companies leveraging their control of devices and operating systems to tilt the playing field in favour of their own browser."
Mozilla Corp.|Source: India Tribunal

In recent years, it has been difficult for Firefox browsers to compete with what the giants are offering. In the summer of 2010, Firefox peaked at 34.1% of the market, but it's been downhill since then. Mozilla's browser only makes up 2.2% of the US market.

The company said that the major browser makers usually make it harder for users to download and use a different browser. They also ignore or reset a user's default browser preference or, for example, require using the first-party browser engine for third-party browsers.

For instance, Mozilla says it's unfair that Apple forbids third-party browser engines and restricts users' ability to bring their data to another browser when switching from Safari. Mozilla said that some Windows features launch Microsoft Edge instead of the user's default browser, even though these browsers should respect users' choices. Google and its Chrome browser are the same.

In a move that essentially calls out Google and its Chrome, Microsoft's Edge, and Apple's Safari, Mozilla launched a new issue tracker where the firm intends to document how platforms put Firefox at a disadvantage.