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Google to allow merchants integrate with its platform at no cost

Google introduce new capabilities to its platform, which will allow merchants on Woocommerce, Godaddy and Square to integrate with Google.

Last week, we reported Google's ambition of transforming online shopping experience. On the heels of this report, Google, in a blog post, announced on Thursday that its platform would be getting a refresh - a ton of new and upcoming features - Identity Attributes, AR Loyalty and deals and Checkout Options.

One of these upcoming features includes merchants ability on Woocommerce, Godaddy, and Square to integrate with Google.

"This open ecosystem approach means that retailers will have even more ways to get discovered across Google, and shoppers will have even more choice," Google President of Commerce Bill Ready.

The new and upcoming capability will allow Brands to manage their appearance on Google's platform via lifestyle imagery, videos, and interactive stories. According to the blog post, all this will be done at no cost. Let's explore some of the capability introduced by Google.

Identity Attributes

Speaking on the Identity Attributes, Ready said in the post that the last year "has made consumers more aware than ever that who they buy from shapes the world they live in." He pointed out that 71 per cent of customers want to identify and purchase from firms that are in line with the values that matter most to them, citing a 5WPR study.

Ready said the company is looking to roll out a new identity attribute, such as a women-led attribute, soon, following the successful launch of a Black-owned business attribute earlier this year.

AR, Loyalty and Deals

The rationale behind this capability is based on the fact that customers want to see how a dress look on them. In response to customer's needs, Google is launching a new augmented reality (AR) clothing experience to show shoppers how various tops look on individuals like them.

According to the post, Google is testing a merchant loyalty program that allows consumers to view a merchant's special loyalty pricing and benefits, such as complimentary shipping when they initially begin shopping.

Google will soon make it simpler for consumers to find brand's deals. To achieve this feat, Google will roll out a deals results page on Search and in the shopping tab. In addition, Ready noted that live deal optimization reporting would be arriving in the Merchant Center.

Checkout Options

The Checkout Options capability provides merchants with new methods to show shoppers every purchasing option that they provide. The implication of this move is the ability of merchant's local inventory ads to display merchandise that is available for immediate store pickup, curbside pickup or pick up later.

"And, to assist brands in reaching additional nearby consumers, curbside pickup and in-store shopping labels are extending to YouTube and Maps local ads, the post stated." PYMNTS

Consumers in the near future, according to the post, will also see Shop Pay as a purchasing option for listings that have Buy on Google set up, providing them with additional choices for an "easy checkout experience".