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Fuiou Pay Visa and Nium Launches Global Business Payment Solution

Fuiou Pay, in collaboration with Visa and open bank Nium in Hong Kong, launches a B2B global payment solution

Fuiou Pay, in collaboration with Visa and open bank Nium in Hong Kong, has launched a B2B global payment solution. The three firms share a common goal in bringing better commercial payment experiences to enterprises in Greater China. Fuiou, with its technical service capabilities, is leveraging Visa's commercial solid payment solutions and Nium's card issuance support to develop a safe and seamless payment tool for enterprise users in Greater China and Global.

"...Visa is excited to partner with Fuiou and Nium to enable small businesses to bring such comprehensive B2B payment solutions to SMEs in Hong Kong region, Greater China and beyond." Maaike Steinebach, General Manager Visa, Hong Kong and Macau

Through this partnership with Visa and Nium, Fuiou seeks to create global payment products and solutions for cross-border e-commerce, advertising, overseas education and cross-border travel, among other major payment categories. Fuiou will also offer various services to different sectors across a wide range of payment scenarios under this partnership.

With the bridge built by Visa, Nium and Fuiou, this brand-new business payment solution can expand the reach of B2B payments, narrow the gap between small enterprises and their suppliers, and make cross-border payment easier and more accessible.

Speaking on the latest development, Yiqun Zhang, Fuiou Payment President, said, "We want to thank Visa and Nium on co-developing this business solution. We really appreciate Visa's product innovations and unswerving support to Fuiou's internationalization strategy. Thanks to that, we are able to offer more innovative products and services to SMEs and micro businesses."

"We are deeply impressed by Nium's efficient teamwork and all-function technical capabilities. As a third-party payment service provider in China, Fuiou is committed to better services to merchants, especially SMEs and micro businesses," he added.

" We have been doubling our efforts on FinTech exports in recent years, hoping to export our capabilities to a greater extent. Cross-border payment and FinTech exports have undoubtedly enlarged the reach of our services. We wish to proceed with innovation and cooperation with Visa and Nium in more dimensions and in more countries and regions in the days to come," Zhang concluded.