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Eygpt: Fawry partners Uber to enhance E payments services.

Fawry and Uber expands their partnership to introduce E-payments through the myfawry app

Fawry and Uber have expanded their partnership to introduce E-payments through the myfawry app, in addition to 230,000 locations across the country, to make it easier for Uber users to recharge their Uber cash wallets with any amount to their account from any of Fawry’s different channels

This cooperation between Fawry and Uber led to the easiness of using “FawryPay,” the first and only payment gateway in Egypt that allows customers to recharge their Uber wallets through Fawry’s various locations that include retailers , FawryPlus stores, myfawry App and through Meeza cards.

FawryPay is currently available on most of the banking wallets, like NBE and Bank Misr. As well as operator wallets that include Orange, Vodafone, and Etisalat.

Uber's decision to partner with Fawry is not farfetched. myfawry is the top and most powerful fintech app in the region according to recent listing by Forbes Middle East. As of June 2021, myfawry has been downloaded more than 3.5 million times with $105 million of annualized throughput.

In addition to this, Fawry also has the largest reach for its services and serves all factions of the society. Serving more than 29.3 million customers per month, Fawry has amassed a network of more than 230,000 retailers and banks that completes more than 3 million daily transactions done through Fawry’s retail network, FawryPlus locations and the myFawry portal and mobile app.

This agreement between Fawry and Uber facilitates payments for riders and limits cash transactions, making it in line with the initiatives of the Egyptian government and the Central Bank of Egypt to prioritise financial inclusion and digital transformation. This directive also helped in serving the strategies for the Egyptian government’s 2030 vision to enhance the gate of ‘digital Egypt’ and connect it with various e-payment solutions.

Both companies aim to support riders using the Uber app by changing their habits by choosing a smart, safe, and widely accepted payment options in the form of electronic payments as an alternative to cash transactions.

Customers can utilize myfawry app to top up their Uber cash wallets through FawryPay as the payment gateway. Fawry is already the preferred electronic payment for more than 29.3 million customers in Egypt, accessible across the country and myfawry app on every device.

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