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Eswatini: Internet access has been restored MTN says

MTN Eswatini finally restores the internet one week after it revealed its role in internet blackout.

Earlier this week, we reported an internet blackout in Eswatini, with MTN claiming responsibility for the outage. What followed was a lawsuit forcing MTN to restore internet connection.

The telco giant said in a statement, "After accessing the request, and in compliance with MTN's license conditions and in accordance with MTN's group-wide digital human right due diligence framework, MTN Eswatini has implemented the directive."

"MTN Eswatini continues to engage with relevant stakeholders to limit the duration of the service disruption and is reviewing the details of the court applications in consultation with its advisers," the group added.

MTN has now taken steps to restore internet connection in the country. MTN Eswatini today revealed that it had restored access to social media platforms more than a week after it reportedly restricted internet services in the country.

“Please take note that as of this morning all social media platforms are accessible. We regret the inconvenience caused by the unavailability of these platforms,” the company said in a statement posted on its social media platforms.

Government authorities in the country shut down the internet due to calls by its citizens to adopt a different system of government. According to TechCabal, the internet blackout was reportedly aimed at preventing citizens from communicating with the outside world amid a military crackdown on the protesters.

Eswatini currently operates an absolute monarchical system of government. This system of government gives the prime minister the right to choose a prime minister. Activists in the country are not buying that idea. They are demanding the right to select the prime minister and a switch to a democratic government.

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