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Bolt Nigeria denies recent claims of layoffs

Following recent reports that Bolt Nigeria laid off many of its employees, the company has denied the layoff claims

Bolt Nigeria has refuted multiple reports of laying off 22 of its 45 employees a few days ago. In an email to Techpoint Africa, Bolt clarified that terminating some employees was not a layoff but a strategy to automate and update many of its customer support and operational processes in Nigeria.

Bolt emphasized that it has not laid off any staff in the past and does not plan to do so in the future. It also disputed claims that it might exit Nigeria or limit its services to only Lagos and Abuja, affirming its commitment to its investments in Nigeria and its view of the country's potential.

The company also assured that it is providing necessary support, including severance packages, to help the affected employees transition to new career opportunities.

Furthermore, the mobility company highlighted its recent expansion into Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, as part of its ongoing efforts to improve private transport options in the city, illustrating its growth ambitions in the African market.