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Vestpay launches to help you save, access loans, and invest at amazing rates

Get a loan without collateral or guarantors, save and get interest, and invest on VestPay.

Save, invest, deposit and make withdrawals with zero charges on VestPay. Become part of this exciting startup journey by joining the public beta here.

VestPay is a fintech platform that provides access to loans for people. The platform also provide savings and investment opportunities you can make money from via interest or capital gain.


Access loans on Vestpay without the need of collaterals, guarantors, or complex requirements. Vestpay will give you credit loans to make your everyday life easier, and enable you make payments for whatever you consider important and urgent, be it your bills or your children’s school fees.

Financial Freedom: Savings and Investment

VestPay enables you to earn financial freedom by putting your money to work.

Financial freedom is a popular lingo nowadays. Many people are talking about being financially free. But what exactly does financial freedom mean? Imagine you not struggling to pay for cost of living anymore. This is what financial freedom is. For instance, five years ago you paid 100% of your bills out of pocket (from your income). Rent, transportation, food, shopping, etc. were all done from whatever income you earned. In contrast, this year 100% of your bills are paid from income you get from your investments. You get your rental income from a side business for example, food from stock dividends, and transportation and shopping from VestPay. So whatever income you earn from your job is to a greater extent invested so you have a larger pool of cash inflow and never have to worry about struggling with your cost of living anymore.

To achieve financial freedom, you have to start from somewhere, and VestPay offers a good start. VestPay is the smartest way to achieve your financial goals. The platform offers you a way to grow your capital with multiple investment opportunities. You'd get access to lucrative investment deals from the comfort of your phone, anytime and anywhere.

VestPay also gives you a 15% annual interest on your savings with interest paid monthly, something Nigerian banks would never do.

Fund And Withdraw From Your Wallet With Zero Charges.

With the VestPay app you can fund your wallet and make withdrawals at any time with no charges.

Vestpay takes the future and puts it comfortably in your pocket. Click here to download Vestpay.

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