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USAID Digital Payments Toolkit 2020

A Toolkit for Using Digital Payments in Development Programs.

Over the past six years the digital payments landscape has matured and become essential, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic in which contactless and remote transactions are essential elements for communities’ health, safety and economic resilience.

Advances in the digital payments sector prompted us to redesign and update the Toolkit with funding support from USAID. This updated version includes new content and and tools to reflect the progress made both in the availability of digital payments and their use by development organizations.

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The Toolkit is designed to be used by organizations regardless of their experience with digital payments and to inspire and enable organizations new to digital payments to make the switch. The Toolkit is a “how-to” guide divided into ten step-by-step modules along with associated tools to support you in practically applying the knowledge learned.

Download Toolkit here.

Image Source: NetHope Solutions Centre