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Bolt launches its operations in Cairo

Bolt has extended its operations into Cairo, Egypt, placing it in direct competition with other transport service providers.

Popular ride-hailing company Bolt has expanded its operations into Cairo, Egypt, rolling out incentives, including waiving its standard 15% commission, which the company typically charges drivers.

Hence, Drivers operating in the city get to keep the whole sum earned from a trip, as the platform will operate without any commission fees. The company will also give riders 50% off their trips for six months.

The expansion move sets up direct competition for other transport service providers such as Uber and inDrive with Bolt. Upon its launch in Egypt, Bolt Egypt's country manager, Haitham Mansour, articulated that competitive pricing is a deliberate strategy adopted by the company to stimulate demand.

Haitham Mansour said, "By maintaining our commissions significantly lower than our competitors, we make certain that our drivers can earn more whilst simultaneously providing customers with alluring service fees."

The operational launch in Egypt will mark Bolt's 15th African market. The ride-hailing corporation began its operations in South Africa in 2016. Subsequently, Bolt has broadened its presence, launching in various African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Tanzania, and Uganda.