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Nexo and MasterCard to introduce crypto card

Nexo and MasterCard crypto credit card will focus on providing customers a means to making payments directly with their crypto assets

‌‌In attempt to foster cryptocurrency transactions, the digital asset exchange platform Nexo is launching a crypto credit card in partnership with MasterCard. Cryptocurrency has become highly valuable around the world, leveraging Mastercard's vast network, Nexo will hope to ensure that these cards can be accepted at different financial establishments and also function properly for over 500,000 users on its network.

Source: Nexo

‌‌Crypto cards are similar to traditional cards with the only exception of crypto cards using digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nexo crypto credit card asides from being easy to use will allow users to spend 90% of the value of their crypto assets without having to transfer or give up their crypto holdings just to make payments. With MasterCard on board, regular transactions like shopping will be achievable. Customers will also discover and earn rewards for using the Nexo crypto credit card.

‌‌Nexo's partnership with MasterCard will introduce the payment firm into the crypto ecosystem as major competitors like Visa are already reaping from the crypto industry with the Visa card. The card is compatible with more than 90 different cryptocurrencies, making it the most flexible crypto card available today. Nexo and MasterCard will aim to build a staggering credit card, with features that will meet the needs of users across Europe. Ultimately driving its goals to become a powerhouse in cryptocurrency and fostering digital inclusion globally.