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IN-FOCUS: The future of digital-economic inclusion of women in business

50% plus of the entrepreneurs in Africa especially MSMEs are women entrepreneurs and most of the women are self-employed in service industries or socio-enterprises, yet the growth of these businesses are limited and the majority fail at an early stage due to financial issues, unformed decisions and socio-economic issues.

With the world experiencing unprecedented times like 2020 there is compounded economic impacts felt especially by women and girls who are generally earning less, saving less, and holding insecure jobs or living close to poverty, hence directly impacting the socio-economic future of this group and its society at large.

SA Innovation summit is supporting platforms for female tech entrepreneurs and encouraging ecosystem involvement in investing in this group.

SheFound was born out of the drive to close the gender economic inclusion gap by supporting women entrepreneurs in Africa, zooming in Tanzania.

Vanessa Kisowile is a founder and executive director of SheFound, an organization co-initiated in partnership with Sahara Ventures.

SAIS2020 is such a unique platform and exquisite experience, happening on the 30th Sep to 1st Oct.