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Opera Partners Google, Launches ‘Opera for Business’ to Increase Nigerian SMEs' Online Visibility

With the new offering coming from Opera, it appears that business online would come much easier.

In a view to supporting up to 40 million SMEs in Nigeria to increase their online presence, global browser provider, Opera Limited has launched Opera for Business.

With Nigeria having achieved an estimated 47 per cent rate of internet penetration, Nigeria SMEs have the opportunity to connect with diverse customers all over the country.

Now with the new offering coming from Opera, it appears that business online would come much easier.

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Opera has also entered a collaboration with Google My Business to make onboarding easy and convenient for SMEs into Search and Maps on Google.

Google My Business has proven a veritable tool in supporting SMEs to manage their presence online on Google Maps and Search.

When you put your information for verification in your Google business profile, you would be helping your existing and potential customers find your business.

On the African continent, over 120 million people use Opera and as Google My Business partnered with the body, it would be easier for local SMEs to be part of the Google ecosystem.

In having a smooth connection with Google My Business, Opera has also launched Opera for Business.

This new platform will not only connect SMEs with their customers through OList, OLeads and Opera Ads but will also support advertising services including Google Ads.

Per Wetterdal, EVP Commercial, Opera, commented:

“We’ve been working closely with Google for more than 15 years. Needless to say, we are excited about this next step in our collaboration in Nigeria and beyond.
Nigeria is currently undergoing a rapid digital transformation and we are thrilled to be part of it by providing local businesses with the most comprehensive tools to date, allowing them to enter the online space and reach a wider audience,”

This new Opera platform is an extension of the company’s present product and services portfolio that helps SMEs.

Opera for Business will also offer a robust package of advertising services and digital marketing.

With Opera for Business, SMEs can now enjoy a go-to platform to provide them a complete package of what they require in the digital ecosystem.