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Nigeria’s MAX deploys electric motorcycle taxi ride-hailing in Ogun State

MAX, the Nigeria logistics startup has launched electric motorcycles for the Nigerian market. The new release, MAX-E series has been under development for over 24 months. Following a satisfactory piloting phase, the new rides were launched in Ogun State, South Western Nigeria.

Their first intention was to move to electric mobility in an announcement made in June last year. By November, the actual design of the bike and concept of the MAX E Series M1 was out. The current version at hand is the MAX E Series M2 which is faster and offers enhanced performance.

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In 2019, Max.Ng held a successful $7 million round led by Novastar Ventures, and Japan manufacturer Yamaha. The Lagos-based company offers an app-based platform to coordinate delivery services for businesses and individuals. $6 million of that investment was in Serie A funding while the other $1 million was in grant funding.

Metro Africa Express abbreviated as MAX was founded in 2015 as the first bike hailing platform in Nigeria drawing inspiration from South Asia’s Grab and Go-Jek. It first began as a motorcycle logistics service before expanding into passenger transportation in 2017.