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Netflix furthers its mobile focus with new subscription plans for South Africa

Netflix continues its international subscription revamp with the launch of two new mobile-focused tiers in South Africa.

Following a model first launched in India, Netflix has launched new mobile-focused subscription plans in South Africa.

The cheaper of the two plans, called Mobile, will cost subscribers R39 (€1.97) per month, with a barebones package of one simultaneous stream on smartphones and tablets up to 480p. The R59 (€2.98) Mobile+ plan will add the ability to watch on laptops, but neither will have big screen TV viewing.

A local Netflix Original in its Production Phase. Photo Credit: Bloomberg

While Netflix recently upped the prices of its standard and UHD premium plans in established Western markets, it seeks to take advantage of a growing desire for SVODs in emerging markets via cut-price mobile-only plans. And, that is the obvious inspiration for this well-tailored move.

South Africa In Focus

Population: $58.5 million (Compared to Nigeria's 200.9 million)

GDP: $351.4 billion (Compared to Nigeria's $448.12 billion)

GDP Per Capita: $6,040 billion (Compared to Nigeria's $2,030)