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MEDICI Releases Africa FinTech Report 2020

MEDICI's new 'Africa FinTech Report 2020' analyzes segments, funding patterns, M&As, partnerships, and countries, offering perspectives that drawn out of regulatory, economic, and market dynamics.

MEDICI has released its new report Africa FinTech Report 2020, which is an in-depth analysis of fast-evolving FinTech in the continent. The report analyzes startups in the continent to discover what is driving innovation and who is behind it.

The report also analyzes the FinTech segments and countries that have a flourishing FinTech ecosystem in the continent. Furthermore, the report explores regulations, M&A, growth in the FinTech ecosystem, and more.

Africa has been an underestimated continent when it comes to FinTech innovations. With a large population base and quick innovation adoption, Africa is a land of opportunity for all FinTechs. There are over 470 active FinTechs operating in Africa; from January 2018 to November 2020, the analysis period of this report, over $820 million, was invested into the sector.

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