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WayaPayChat launches across Nigeria to Deepen Financial Inclusion

WayaPayChat is a social mobile payment app newly launched in across several Nigerian cities, including Benin, Onitsha/Nnewi, Kaduna, and Ilorin. It was launched on August 13, 2020. The app is designed to provide convenient financial transactions.

Speaking on the app, the Founder, Samuel Muoto said:

“Waya PayChat is a digital payment solution that addresses the issue of unbanked and underbanked, while digitalizing payment solutions in Nigeria.”

The app is the new fintech app in Nigeria which combines financial inclusion and social solution. It offers safe and secure transactions for the banked and unbanked. It allows merchants to send and receive money. The app provides an easy way to pay merchants and bills, make transactions through Waya agents while allowing friends and family to socialize through chats, calls, and sharing personal moments.

The app allows for low transaction fees, safe and secure transactions, cashless and real-time payments, chat and call friends and families with free data, pay merchants and bills, earn commission as a merchant.

WayaPayChat has strong partnerships and licenses with various Nigerian banks and payment gateway companies. It can be downloaded in the app store and at Google Play. Simply add your personal information and add your bank details to top up your digital wallet. Waya PayChat can also be used with a GSM phone (USSD). You can send and receive money through the phone number or QR code.

The app was created by the Nigerian company WAYA Multilink Technology Limited. The Nigerian founder Samuel Muoto, has extensive experience from the financial industry and the start-up business community. The management team behind Waya PayChat has a strong profile and experience introducing Waya PayChat on the Nigerian market, from launching other payment apps in Europe.