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Pro-Female Marketplace Allobee Bags $500,000 in Funding

Allobee has announced that it has secured $500,000 in a funding round led by Stargazer Ventures and a network of angel investors to further spur the company’s rapid growth.

The funding will help Allobee to afford the full-time services of formerly Silicon Valley-bound sofware engineer, Niki Gitinabard, to help the company to scale its customer acquisition and brand awareness offering.

Allobee founder, Brooke Markevicius envisions an end-to-end solution that addresses both the pain points of underutilized workers in the modern gig economy, and those running a small business. And since launching in May 2020, the increase in the demand for access to flexible skilled workers to support entrepreneurs and small businesses across the US has catalyzed Allobee's growth, to a point where she now has a fully vetted and highly skilled workforce of women who have turned their backs on the traditional 9-5.

Millions of women have voluntarily left their workplace since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to cater for their children, besides the millions losing jobs in industries hit hard by the pandemic, reports have said.

Allobee’s funding is also good news for female founders, who endured a rather challenging 2020, with reports in December asserting that global Venture Capital funding to female founders dropped drastically in 2020 — a 27% decrease compared to 2019.

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