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Alibaba launches AI tools to foster e-commerce

Chinese tech giant Alibaba's international e-commerce unit is tapping generative AI-powered tools to help boost its operations

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is rolling out a suite of generative AI-powered tools called "Aidge" to help cross-border merchants overcome language barriers, reduce costs, and increase sales conversion rates.

The move comes as Alibaba faces increasing competition from rivals like SHEIN and PDD HOLDINGS LIMITED' Temu in the global e-commerce market. This AI push aligns with Alibaba Group's broader strategy to revitalize its international e-commerce business, which grew 44% year-on-year in the December quarter.

The company now serves 300 million consumers annually and over one million merchants worldwide through its various platforms, including AliExpress and Lazada. As e-commerce giants like ByteDance (TikTok) and Pinduoduo ramp up their AI investments, Alibaba's Aidge initiative marks a significant step in the race to dominate AI-powered global trade solutions.