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Accelerex launches fingerprint payments on PoS terminals

One of Africa's leading fintech, Accelerex, has deployed its Pay with Fingerprint solution on PoS terminals in Nigeria

Nigeria-based fintech company Accelerex has launched its innovative 'Pay with Fingerprint' solution on PoS terminals across Nigeria. This new payment method allows bank account holders to make secure and convenient payments at merchant locations using their fingerprints on biometric-enabled PoS devices.

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The 'Pay with Fingerprint' solution leverages advanced biometric technology to provide a seamless payment experience while significantly enhancing consumer and merchants' security. Its enhanced security features ensure that only the account holder can authorize transactions, thereby reducing the risk of fraud.

By addressing common challenges such as card fraud and the inconvenience of carrying physical cards, the solution paves the way for a more efficient and secure payment ecosystem.

Officials from Accelerex expressed their enthusiasm for the potential impact of 'Pay with Fingerprint,' stating that it will foster a more secure commercial environment for business owners and consumers while facilitating swift and efficient transactional operations.