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Abia girls emerge as finalists at the 2023 Technovation World Summit

Here is the Journey of exceptional girls from Abia who are ready to take on the world with innovative solutions

Girls from Aba, Abia State region of Nigeria, have qualified for the Technovation Girls' finals. The qualification provides an opportunity to pitch their idea for a mobile app startup, "Ichaka", which promotes and preserves the Igbo Language, one of the endangered languages according to UNESCO. The Team known as CultureInTech hopes to ensure that the Igbo Language and Culture will become more appreciated and harnessed, and UNESCO will permanently remove Igbo from the list of endangered languages through their mobile app "Ichaka".

Source: Technovation

Ichaka is an app promoting the Igbo Language and Culture. With tabs like Culture, Translator, Games, Language Learning, and Latest News, users can learn about Igbo history, translate text from English to Igbo, play games, and stay up-to-date on Igbo news. The app educates users and provides the largest digital collection of Igbo cultural materials to aid Igbo students with research. Ichaka is a groundbreaking development in preserving and promoting the Igbo language and culture.
Ably supported by a group of mentors led by Ebere Chiemela (the Abia state Technovation Chapter Ambassador), Uzochukwu Favour and her sister Peace have been working since November 2022 on the preservation and promotion of the Igbo Language and culture through their mobile app "Ichaka."

Source: Technovation

After making it through the initial and semi-final rounds of virtual judging, their journey now takes them to the Global World Pitch event in California's bay area by October 2023, and they will be pitching along with nine other teams from around the world. The event also brings girls from all over the world together to virtually meet their peers from other countries and attend workshops and panels to help them develop technology and professional skills.

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