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2020 Rollo Business Stimulation Program for Young African Entrepreneurs

It is a platform for African entrepreneurs to create ideas and test new strategies in a simulated and risk-free environment.

Application Deadline: October 29th 2020

Rollo is a business simulation program dedicated to inspiring and supporting small African enterprises facing challenges after the COVID-19 outbreak. It is composed of three intensive simulation days in which enterprises learn to manage and operate in a competitive environment within different market outlooks.

The program provides a platform for African entrepreneurs to create ideas and test new strategies in a simulated and risk-free environment.

Rollo believes that competition encourages creativity and creates more opportunities, as such Rollo enterprises are ranked based on their profitability and market share within the simulated environment.

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African SMEs

  • African small companies that have been affected by COVID-19.
  • Company represented by a team of 3 participants.
  • Between the ages 20-45.
  • Who run a small business (less than 10 employees) for more than a year.

From 5 Countries

  • Companies must be based in one of the 5 following countries:
    Cameroon, Egypt, Senegal, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Formal or Informal Business

  • Both registered or unregistered businesses are invited to apply.

Diverse Team

  • Priority goes to teams which have diverse participants, and/or demonstrate inclusivity of minorities or marginalized groups are preferred.
  • Women are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Diaspora led Businesses are encouraged to apply.


Risk Free Environment

Take managerial decisions in a risk-free environment and in a simulated environment with realistic economic context.

Totally Funded

Rollo is a totally funded stimulus program for African Businesses.

Compete & Win

A total award of 10,000 USD for the top 3 performing African SMEs in Rollo Masters.

African Gateway

Rollo is your gateway to share experience and grow in other African Markets.

Challenge Yourself

Rollo develops participants holistic thinking, commercial acumen, decision making , strategic skill and operating capabilities from a general management perspective.

Learn by Doing

It is a Learning-by-doing program where you manage a virtual company without the need of applying in long incubators, accelerators or academic universities.

How Does Rollo Work?

Selected participants will actively engage in a 3 days intensive bootcamp based on a real life Business Case where each team is challenged by other teams.

1.Call for Application

Eligible African enterprises can apply online for the program.

2.Selection Phase

In each country, Rollo selects 24 eligible teams (72 participants).

3. Rollo Associates

In each country, Rollo will conduct 2 bootcamps. Top Enterprise in each bootcamp will then advance to Rollo Masters.

4.Rollo Masters

Best performing enterprises advance to Rollo Masters where they showcase their results and achievements in front of leading African business leaders, experts, investors and government representatives.

For more information, please visit the Official Webpage of the Rollo Business Stimulation Program 2020